Sunday, March 24,  2019
Kerem Durdag

Kerem Durdag was born andraised in Pakistan of Turkish parents.  He was educated in a British school in Pakistan and then completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in the US.  


Durdag is currently CEO of Biovation  and was previously the Director of Sales and Marketing of SenGenuity, a division of Vectron International.


Prior to joining SenGenuity, he was the CEO of BiODE, and eventually led the company to an acquisition event by Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV). He was the former Chief Technical Officer for STEAG HamaTech, Inc., and Engineering Manager at Conceptronic; both public companies and world leaders in the semiconductor and electronics markets.  He has designed high tech and proprietary technologies and is a holder of several patents.  He has presented and been published in numerous conferences, trade magazines and peer reviewed journals.


He is on the Board of Directors for Maine Center for Enterprise Development (, RateElert (, and The Science Source ( He also serves on the Board of Advisors for AEC ( and actively mentors several young start-up companies in Maine as a member of Top Gun (    


Currently he is the Vice Chair of the Advisory Council for University of Southern Maine ASET (  He has also served on the boards of several non-profit, notably International Child Enrichment Program ( and is also the founder of an event targeted to encourage entrepreneurship for high school and college students in Maine ( 


Durdag is also a published essayist, poet and past editor of poetry magazines.  He also fancies himself a nascent screenplay writer and has several written plays.


He received his Bachelor of Science from St. John’s University (MN) with All College Honors Distinction in Applied Physics and Theater and also garnered a Master in Mechanical Engineering from University of New Hampshire.

He is married to a woman to whom he has committed his undying love and has three children who are blessings of the good that defines us.  He lives in Maine. 

His writings and thoughts are on


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