Thursday, March 23,  2023
Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University. He is a distinguished Carnegie Scholar and author of six book on Arab politics.


Brown is an expert on Islamist movements, Palestinian politics, and Arab law and constitutionalism. His latest book is When Victory Is Not an Option: Islamist Movements in Arab Politics (2012; Cornell University Press). Brown has severed on advisory committees for Human Rights Watch and the committees drafting the Palestinian and Iraqi constitutions. He has also served as a consultant to the UNDP, USAID, and various non-governmental organizations. Brown holds a B.A. from the University of Chicago and a M.A. and Ph.D. from Princeton University.


A Guide Through the Egyptian Maze of Justice Egypt’s legal and judicial tradition is both deep and complex—it sometimes seems that understanding its current structure requires an archeologist as much as a lawyer

Judicial Turbulence Ahead in Egypt, Fasten Your Seat Belts In the months after Mubarak’s fall, courts were willing to accelerate some revolutionary changes; in the past few months, they seem to be slamming on the brakes instead

Egypt Tries to Reconstitute ItselfEgypt’s best hope for a democratic transition depends heavily on the process of political reconstruction contained in the constitution-writing process


There’s No Grey in Our Flag

 “In the land of all black and all white, shouting grey is blasphemy;” and there are 80 million shades of grey in Egypt. Continue Reading

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Editorial – The Nile

It’s simple really, if we don’t save the Nile, everything else we are debating, discussing, arguing about will be irrelevant. Continue Reading

An open letter to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei

I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. We can never forget that it was your courage and foresight that called for change and a transition...  Continue Reading

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Mish Fahem?

Mish Fahem?

Mish Fahems are stand-alone cartoons interspersed throughout the paper that humorously raise a specific question or point out an apparent contradiction,...  Continue Reading

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