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Tuesday, July 23,  2019
Nathan Brown

Egypt’s best hope for a democratic transition depends heavily on the process of political reconstruction contained in the constitution-writing process

Juan Cole

It isn’t the issues of piety or irreligion or of civilian and military, that will be decisive for Egypt. It will be the hard economic and social realities

Heba Abou Shnief

In the wake of the constitution-making process, members of the Constitution Drafting Committee will have to grapple with the substantive issues that have been delayed by procedural maneuvering

Amro Ali

The reconstruction of Khaled Saeed perpetuates self-defeating myths - minimizing and simplifying the dynamics of his life that led to his death

Loay Mudhoon

Morsi must legitimate himself to the Tahrir Square movement if he wants to survive the showdown with the imperious military. 

Abdallah Diwan

Ensuring environmental protection in Egypt must be more then words, for Egypt to develop and sustain its population, environmental protection must be enshrined in the new Egyptian constitution

Nagwa Emad

Hope for the parliament will never be realized if we impose a quota for this professional group and a quota for that professional group

Marina Ottaway

The vote by itself will not decide which faction will prevail, because many of the battles will be fought outside the electoral arena. Some are already being fought now

Hossam Hamalawy

While many in Egypt are mourning the “death of the revolution” and the ensuing “military coup,” it is time to highlight, or re-highlight some points

Omar Barghouti

I Wish You Egypt – An Open Letter to the People of Conscience in the West


There’s No Grey in Our Flag

 “In the land of all black and all white, shouting grey is blasphemy;” and there are 80 million shades of grey in Egypt. Continue Reading

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Editorial – The Nile

It’s simple really, if we don’t save the Nile, everything else we are debating, discussing, arguing about will be irrelevant. Continue Reading

An open letter to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei

I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. We can never forget that it was your courage and foresight that called for change and a transition...  Continue Reading

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Mish Fahem?

Mish Fahem?

Mish Fahems are stand-alone cartoons interspersed throughout the paper that humorously raise a specific question or point out an apparent contradiction,...  Continue Reading

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Removing the word "civil" from the Constitution will result in
 A military state
 A theocratic (religious) state
 A civil state
 Don''t care
Do you support holding football matches with fans attending?
 Don''t care
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