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Monday, February 6,  2023


Debates: Islam is vs. is not a peaceful religion

The debate at the Oxford Union was started by Matthew Handley, who presents the context and highlights the standards for the arguments, outlining the core of the topic with ‘Does Islam contain what 

prevents it from being a peaceful religion?’

The Oxford Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, bringing international guests and 

speakers to Oxford. It aims to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across 

the globe.

Six speakers presented their arguments, three of them for and the other three against the peaceful nature of Islam. Concluding the debate that was held on 28 February 2013, the house voted “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Below are selections from the debate.


Matthew Handley
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Anne Marie Waters
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Daniel Johnson
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Mehdi Hasan
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Removing the word "civil" from the Constitution will result in
 A military state
 A theocratic (religious) state
 A civil state
 Don''t care
Do you support holding football matches with fans attending?
 Don''t care
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