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A Nation Born in Tahrir with no Fear

BY Maissa Hamed

"In the name of God, the Bounteous, The Merciful"

Some of us are destined to make history, 

And some, have to tell the story 

So that future generations know the majesty 

Behind people's revolutions and their glory. 

Thirty years of suppression, dictatorship and corruption 

Left the Egyptian psyche in a state of desperation and destruction, 

And finally ignited a massive historic nationwide demonstration, 

for the restoration of Egyptian dignity, long in hibernation.

Egypt's people, Muslim, Christian, young and old 

Were ruled, for decades, in a manner cruel and bold 

By a regime, that for years, exercised an oppressive hold 

And many corruption stories, began to unfold. 

Egypt, historically, an ancient civilization 

Recently, gave birth to a fine, educated, computer savvy generation, 

they sought employment, freedoms, dreams and an aspiration

Similar, to those of youth in any other nation.

Egyptian people are kind, funny and not violent 

They have been patient, and for so long, quite silent. 

Thirty years they lived repressed, yet in anticipation, 

Of free elections, and a better socio-economic situation. 

Regardless of age, religion, gender or political affiliation 

Egyptians, on Jan 25, reborn with adamant determination 

Took to the streets, in cities, all across the nation, 

Heading in Cairo, for Tahrir, the square of liberation.

Millions stood united, peacefully in denunciation 

Of years of economic hardships and degradation 

And an economic system that benefited a few 

Creating a gigantic gap between rich and poor, which constantly grew.

Disillusionment and frustration yielded this nationwide revolution 

An awakened sentiment of freedom swept cities, across the Nile nation 

Millions of Youth started and were joined by the older generation 

Freely speaking out, for the first time, no hesitation 

Their freed spirit, described by citizens of the world, as a true inspiration.

Slogans in Arabic, English and French called for one solution 

The stepping down of their President and a regime dissolution 

And immediate amendments to the sabotaged Egyptian constitution.

Some called for Mubarak's prosecution 

For the level of corruption and moral pollution.

"The people demand dismantling the regime" 

Chanted twenty million, their long awaited Egyptian dream.

Footage from facebook, Youtube and the tweet 

Brought the world live pictures, of the pulse of the Egyptian street 

Revolting and shaking with the sounds of a nation 

Reborn, in Tahrir, with no fear.

The National Democratic Party, was set in flames burning, 

A first sign of a brutal regime, finally tumbling and turning 

The situation was rapidly getting out of hand 

for the seniors, in the upper echelons of command.

Protesters took power from their magnificent numbers 

sending the overturned regime, shock waves like thunders. 

The climate got, for both defiant sides, quite tense, 

As the world watched in shock and suspense.

With protesters' pressure mounting, 

hearts world wide in bewilderment went quickly pounding 

one million foreigners overnight fled 

As protestors, by the police, were being injured or shot dead.

Protesting masses bravely endured 

the savagery and brutality of Egyptian police, ruthless and fierce. 

Government weaponry of water cannons, f16 fighter jets and tear gas, 

Royally failed, to diffuse the growing protesting Egyptian mass.

World leaders finally urged him to transfer power right away 

The Johns, Kerry and McCain, called on him to step down 

Calls that were met initially with nothing but a frown 

And a nationwide Internet and mobile phones crack down.

Friday, Jan 28, for the protesters, was a violent brutal bloody day 

With government thugs who were paid to betray 

Their fellow Egyptians in a treacherous unimaginable way.

Major cities of the nation were left in total disarray 

Foreign journalists targeted, thousands injured, over three hundred murdered..

Many of the rich few, 

out of Cairo, on their private jets, flew 

At a time when police forces withdrew 

Replaced by Military tanks and soldiers, 

which initially scared people of a military coup.

Citizens across Egypt, got together, and in committees, organized 

everyone was eager to help and be mobilized, 

With one objective to be steadfastly realized 

to maintain the peace and oust the dictator, they so much despised.

Friday, Feb 4, was set by the revolution for the President as "departure day". 

Millions, ignoring curfews with determination and defiance, 

Stood together in Tahrir with the army - one large national alliance. 

You could tell the protestors were here to stay, 

Until they die, or the President goes away.

I wonder, if Tahrir, liberation square, was to tell its tale, 

Of this historic revolution that rocked the region and the world 

In an unprecedented way, 

what would it say?

All at once, Tahrir, notoriously known, with traffic, as a busy square 

Assumed the role of a mosque, a church, a battle field, a food fair 

a hospital, a festival, a camp site, a concert hall 

With a dedicated space for news and a martyrs wall.

Centers for bloggers, flag sellers on the square were booming 

Even small kindergartens for children were quickly mushrooming.

For eighteen days, Tahrir, was day and night 

rocking with chants of people, with no fright 

who to oppression will no longer yield 

and in prayer they constantly kneeled.

The price Egyptians were paying for freedom from Mubarak is quite high, 

But well worth it, no deny.

To put an end to dictatorship and urge their President to say goodbye 

all sectors of society had to solidly unify 

In Tahrir with No fear.

As true believers we are trained 

To fear only Allah not the traitor 

For on judgment day that will be the distinguishing separator 

between the pious and the dictator.

A Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, is told: 

"the signs of the hypocrite are three fold, 

If he speaks, he is untruthful 

If he promises, his promises are not fruitful 

If entrusted with something, he is treacherously wrathful".

Dictators are hypocrites and they are cursed. 

In hell, they will remain eternally immersed 

For the people they hungered, murdered and coerced. 

Slogans chanted in Tahrir, have been for years, carefully rehearsed.

The spirit of freedom miraculously grew 

As winds of change everywhere flew 

Farmers, workers, factory unions and syndicates as well, revolted 

Joining millions of Egyptian youth and elders who for days, protested 

For the end of the rule of the goon 

As exciting a time, as when the first man, landed on the moon.

The third Friday, Feb 11, marked the 18 th day of the massive uprising 

Brought by a nation, determined, God trusting and uncompromising 

Ended in jubilance, fire works and a euphoric celebration 

When it was briefly announced that Mubarak agreed to resignation 

News that brought tears of joy to an entire emotional population.

Tahrir and all Egyptians, with gigantic cheers erupted 

Drumming the return of their country, no longer robbed and abducted. 

Their drums marked a momentous point in history, quite legendary, 

For the success of a revolution, totally peacefully, with no weaponry.

Their cheers echoed throughout the region quite rapidly.

The masses forced Mubarak off the throne 

That for so long he held onto, all alone.

I wish he finally would have known 

That Egyptians' love for Egypt was the backbone 

That sparked this revolution they accomplished, totally on their own.

Today the entire region and the world is cheering 

For every Egyptian who dared to keep on dreaming 

That 'yes we can' with careful and dedicated scheming 

Take back our dignity, with faces radiant, peaceful and beaming.

Today marks the dawn of a new era on the Egyptian civilization 

For millions of Egyptians who paid dearly to reach this destination.

Today celebrates the spilled blood of three hundred martyrs 

Who left a mark on world history, as freedom fighters.

Today we witness the birth of a nation 

Reborn In Tahrir with No fear.

11 am. 11th February, 2011. 

(The resignation announcement came to New York live 11.00 am)


Maissa Hamed is the founder of Enjoy Islam. She is an Education and Research Consultant for Sesame Workshop’s International Research Department and author of The Last Night of Ramadan

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