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The World of Ants

BY Hassan Omran

Ants - One of the Miracles of the Creator - Why They Are a Nation Similar to Ourselves?

A Divine Miracle - The Ants

‘Ants’ are cited twice in the Holy Quran; and ‘Ant” once.

The ant was mentioned twice in the plural and once in the singular in the Holy Quran and there is a Sura titled ‘The Ant’ that narrates a dialogue between the ants and King Solomon and his troops: “Till, when they [King Solomon and his troops] reached the Valley of the Ants, an ant exclaimed: ‘O ants! Enter your dwellings lest Solomon and his armies crush you, unperceiving’” [Sura of the Ants:18]. This verse illustrates the magnificent divine image in which this small creature was cast.  

Ants’ Intelligence

Ants's social behavior is the most complex in the insect kingdom and hence the Holy Quran dedicated an entire Sura to this species entitled ‘The Ants,’ where Allah Almighty cites ants’ ability to speak. Modern-day science has concluded that ants use their own language to communicate amongst themselves - even across large distances. Glory be to Allah!

Ants are Stronger than Humans

An ant can carry objects 20 times its bodyweight. Imagine, a man of such strength that he could effortlessly lift a 1,000 kilogram car. Compare this to your own strength, and you will find that an ant outmuscles you by at least twenty times.

Why Did Allah Focus on Ants?

Ants are tiny yet extremely active creatures and their numbers constitute 20% of living organisms on the planet Earth. There are roughly 20,000 different ant species scattered all over the globe. The Almighty fitted ants with multi-lens eyes, a heart to pump their colorless blood, and a nervous system. These are only some of the adaptations that make  the ant one of the most successful insects with regard to survival and continuity.       


Ants have several Ministries: Education, Interior, Agriculture, Defense, Municipal Affairs. Ants even bury their dead


Worker ants have a myriad of tasks, including caring for the young which is similar to the education sector in our world, while soldier ants have bigger bodies and a tough head as if fitted with a helmet, like soldiers in our armies.  They are devoted to the queen ant’s protection, and they maintain security and repel aggression. Worker ants’ tasks also include cleaning the living quarters and passages - comparable to our municipal government - as well as removing dead corpses from the ant hill and burying them in the soil (similar to our funeral and burial services), in addition to shuttling food supplies from the fringes of the colony (import sector), and planting fungi (farming and agriculture), plus raising insects that provide nectar for the ants’ consumption (similar to raising cattle and livestock by humans).

Number of Eggs

The number of eggs laid by the queen ant varies from one species to another, and may range between a few hundred to several million. The African ants’ queen lays approximately three to four million eggs per month. 

Ants’ Lifespan

Ants are amongst the longest-living insects on Earth, with a lifespan  ranging from a few months  to several years. The queen ant may live up to twenty years.     

Ants’ Social Behavior

Ants are extremely social  insects and cannot survive  alone. They live in congregations, nests or colonies and are not selfish creatures  like humans.

Ant Colonies

Ant colonies vary from one species to another; ants that feed on crops for example build interconnected subterranean compartments that can reach a depth of forty feet underground. A team of European scientists discovered a gigantic ant colony stretching across thousands of miles from Italy to northwestern Spain.

How Ants Store Grain

Ants separate the seed coat from the cotyledon to prevent the seed embryo from growing inside their nests and destroying them.

Ants Sleep like Humans

An ant sleeps on its side and bends its legs close touching its body and they yawn similar to human beings upon waking up! 

Hassan Omran graduated with Honor from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University in 1979.  He is currently the Director of Exchange Sudents and the administration officer at the Postgraduate Studies department of the Faculty of Agriculture at Alexandria University. 

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