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Sunday, February 5,  2023
Gianluca Parolin

 If we believe that parliamentary majorities need to be limited, should that limitation (as stipulated in the constitution) be enforced by a specialized court

Adel El-Adawy

The cabinet also includes an unprecedented number of women and Christians (three of each). And the majority of the appointees are technocrats without political party affiliations

Sharif Abdel Kouddous

That a popular revolt facilitated Morsi’s ouster is undeniable. But it has also solidified the military’s role as the final arbiter of power in Egypt.

Joshua Stacher

Having pitted the secular revolutionaries against the Muslim Brothers, the generals have successfully divided the coalition that overthrew Mubarak in 2011 and they now stand atop.

Rachel Shabi

A Muslim Brotherhood witchhunt and an army takeover are not be celebrated. The principles of the revolution are at stake

Taufiq Rahim

The only way forward is to hold a referendum with the following question:  Do you support Mohammed Morsi finishing his full-term as President of Egypt?

Katrina Lantos Swett

How does Egypt’s constitution measure up to international standards for constitutional freedom of religion?

Sara Khorshid

There is no indication that the crisis over the judiciary, and the disagreements between the MB and the judges, are set to end any time soon.

Sarah Eltantawi

That the long persecuted and banned MB is now in power is a striking sign that the space for political organizing has been expanded in an unprecedented way.

Tarek Osman

The Egyptian opposition has two main objectives: putting Egypt on the route towards genuine democratisation and stopping the project that it believes political Islam

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There’s No Grey in Our Flag

 “In the land of all black and all white, shouting grey is blasphemy;” and there are 80 million shades of grey in Egypt. Continue Reading

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Editorial – The Nile

It’s simple really, if we don’t save the Nile, everything else we are debating, discussing, arguing about will be irrelevant. Continue Reading

An open letter to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei

I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. We can never forget that it was your courage and foresight that called for change and a transition...  Continue Reading

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Mish Fahem?

Mish Fahem?

Mish Fahems are stand-alone cartoons interspersed throughout the paper that humorously raise a specific question or point out an apparent contradiction,...  Continue Reading

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Removing the word "civil" from the Constitution will result in
 A military state
 A theocratic (religious) state
 A civil state
 Don''t care
Do you support holding football matches with fans attending?
 Don''t care
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