Thursday, March 23,  2023


Let’s Go Fight Israel, in Africa

BY Karim Noor

The drums of war this time must direct the people to non-traditional battlefields

After reading my title you might think I’m calling for sending our troops to the border and waging war on Israel. War with Israel is inevitable, despite the peace treaty, says Marshal Shazly in his memoirs. Many believe this theory and find the treaty to be unfair to Egypt and the Arabs. There are other indicators of a future war, such as the motto “from the Nile to the Euphrates” which can be read on several paintings adorning the wall of the Israeli Knesset, as well as on coins of small shekel denominations.

From the Nile to the Euphrates. Were not the Israelis present, yet concealed as part of theWe can pay serious attention to Africa after years of a relationship based strictly on football.  Western Alliance forces, during the Iraqi invasion? Leaked reports revealed that elements of their intelligence and commandos were present during and after the invasion. That is not to mention the Western corporations that are sucking up the natural and agricultural riches of this country. The sad part is that the Israeli flag hangs over Cairo’s Nile. And who knows what else is happening under the surface.

Mubarak’s regime took no heed of peoples’ sentiments and cooperated with Israel on every front; political, economic, agricultural, and including the infamous gas deal. The shamelessness was unprecedented.

“Then war it is,” says the famous line by actor Ahmed Mazhar playing Salahuddin al-Ayoubi in director Youssef Chahine’s masterpiece of a movie. But the drums of war this time must direct the people to non-traditional battlefields.

Egypt represents significant manpower and accounts for a third of the Arab world’s population. I think that now, with Mubarak and his gang out of the picture, we can build a strong economy in a few short years. There are several reasons why I believe so. One is that now we can focus on constructive action and not just looting action. We can better allocate resources and better nurture our agricultural and manufacturing industries. We can pay serious attention to Africa after years of a relationship based strictly on football. What good were three titles of the Africa Cup of Nations, all of which were dedicated to Mubarak and his sons? What good was it when the team celebrated with Gamal Mubarak in Ghana’s locker room, singing Mubarak’s name and dancing like mad men?

Therefore, Africa must be the war zone for our eventual battle with Israel to secure the sources of our Nile. Neglecting the protection of these water sources is nothing short of treason. We have been careless with the Nile Water Security issue to such a degree that our mission now [to secure our water sources] has become extremely difficult. Israel is expanding its footing in Africa with every passing day, politically and economically.

It is also crucial that we revive the Nasr Company for Imports and Exports, which wasAfrican states view Egypt with a combination of love and disappointment, and they have every right to feel that way.established in the 1960s by patriotic Egyptians. The company enhanced our relationship with African nations, marketed our products, and established an information and communications network with many African governments. Writer Mahmoud Awad writes that Nasr Company owns assets worth billions in most African states and that these assets were deliberately neglected causing grave economic and political losses during the past three decades.  With the establishment of new companies in construction, agriculture, and irrigation, together with enhancing ties with al-Azhar and the Egyptian Church, all these elements represent important input into our “fight for Africa” strategy - a battle we must not lose.

It became clear after following the news of an Egyptian delegation to Uganda; African states view Egypt with a combination of love and disappointment, and they have every right to feel that way.

I hope we are quick to catch-up and leap-frog Israel’s path into Africa, where it already has established a strong foot-hold with increasingly large projects. The battle is not an easy one. We must expend every effort and set forth a plan to be overseen by our Cabinet and the brightest minds of Egypt in economics, manufacturing, agriculture, and national security, as well as al-Azhar and the Church.

Karim Noor is a veteran environmentalist and the Founder and Manager of the Deep South diving lodge in Marsa Alam, Egypt. Noor's writing can be found on and

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