Tuesday, January 26,  2021


The Boat

BY Olva Tito

I humbly speak on behalf of the boat. I am the liberalist struggling for freedom. Only I have the right to speak on behalf of all passengers on the boat. 

No, please. Let me speak. Only I have the right to speak for the boat’s passengers. I am the Muslim Brother who spent 18 days in Tahrir Square when you sat in air-conditioned rooms talking to satellite channels. 

No no no. No one speaks in our name. We are the youth of the revolution. We were the ones killed on January 25th when the Muslim Brothers refused to take part. 

Everyone, please be quiet. We are the Salafis. We know the faith and master its tenets. No secularist or liberalist can rule our nation. We want God’s Sharia as set forth in the Quran. Our country is an Islamic state. We are most qualified to speak on behalf of the Muslims. 

Why do you speak on our behalf? Everyone wants to rules over us. We are the Copts of the boat. We came first and you are the occupiers. No one speaks in our name. Coptic means Egyptian. Please remain silent and listen as we speak. 

The heated debate continues among the fellow travelers as they struggle over who should speak and who should have the final say. Suddenly, a caller from the far tip of the boat yells. O passengers on the boat, we approach a deadly whirlpool in the deep sea. Please help. I cannot fight the waves alone. O people. You, your children, your possessions, your food, and your businesses are all in danger. We face high waves in the world’s deadliest seas. Who shall step forth? O people. If you do not unite we shall drown. If you fight we shall fail. 

The shouting came to a halt. Everyone exchanged gazes. They began to understand that possible death was nearing. Only then did they stop fighting. Only then did they start joining hands to alter the boat’s course towards safe shores. Will the travelers be successful? Will they escape the storm?



Olva Tito is an IT engineer, political activist and writer. He writes poems, articles, and stories and his work can be found on http://www.olvatito.wordpress.com

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