Friday, September 25,  2020


The Revolution One Year On

BY Mohamed Ezzat


Tell me, my Lady, about one year after the revolution,


About those who carry on with their brutal executions.


Tell me about ineffective administrations,


The divided politicians, the SCAF’s bloody machinations.


Tell me how this council is supposedly “revolutionary,”


But has ended up being a council of ignominy.


Tell me about the martyrs who died in Tahrir Square,


Those who, at the Battle of the Camel, fought with great dare.


Tell me ’bout each of those who’ve fallen for Egypt a hero,


Those fallen since Anno Revolutionus, year zero.


Tell me about a year of murder, a year of thuggery,


A year since the revolution and still no victory.


Tell me about the president and his corrupt sons,


The Interior Minister and his hired guns,


The glitzy villas, the fancy cars, and the filched funds.


Tell me about these unyielding military tribunals,


That dispense with legalities and put on theatricals.


Tell me about how Mubarak is still supposed to be prez,


How the revolution was abandoned, left in a mess.


Tell me about the smear campaign against the activists,


About “unknown third parties” and “plots insidious.”


Tell me about the infighting, the pretextless slaughter,


Tell me about Egypt, my country, my mother.


Tell me about the Port Said young man whose life was snubbed out,


The mother in Tahrir fighting the tears coming in bouts,


The protestors dragged through the Muhammad Mahmoud route.


Swear to God for me – even if you must thereby feign – 


That Egypt shall rise again and unity once more reign!


Tell me that a new dawn lurks beyond the horizon,


And that after offering the morning orison,


I shall find a band that sees struggle not as laborious,


But shall emerge victorious, shall emerge victorious.


Tell me about how it’s the revolution one year on,


Or is it, my Lady, a year the revolution sans?



Mohamed Ezzat Mahmoud was born in Mansoura, Egypt and completed his Bachelors of Commerce from Mansoura University.  His writings are on

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