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The Egyptian Ultras Have Made Their Call, and It Is...?!

BY Abdel Raouf Rabie

The truth is that the people have become embittered, sorrowed, and depressed by what is taking place on the ground because the people haven't found one single official serving his duty to the nation or protecting it - as patriotism instructs and teaches. 


My heart is crying, the tears pouring out. The pain rips my chest; my breathing is fierce. My hope has ground to a halt. Yes, this is the state I’m in.


Yes, everyone witnessed what took place on the Masry Club playing field, where premeditated murder took place, a crime punishable by execution. If we watch the entire scene carefully, we’ll find that the murderer remains at large among us. When Ibrahim Hassan defended the Ahly players from the mercenaries filling the playing field، before the Ahly Ultras came down from the stands, he was left unharmed. The mercenaries were focused specifically on eliminating the Ahly players and the Ahly Ultras, with no meaningful pretext for doing so. This was a case of the law of the jungle, as cultivated by the Port Said security chief who gave it full reign. This heinous crime was carried out before the gaze of 80 million Egyptians, before all the residents of Port Said who allowed themselves to remain silent and stand by as this fanatic gang of killers attacked their brethren and fellow countrymen.


The news agencies rushed to report the incident, incredulous over what was taking place on the soil of the 25th of January revolution. The media said its piece, blaming the remnants of Mubarak’s regime and the residents of the Tura prison “mall”. Everyone was deeply bereaved and everyone screamed for the fall of SCAF. Some called for the execution of the fallen president (fallen from his flight tower that is!). The governor and security chief hastened to submit their resignations; they are in fact implicated in what took place at the scene of the crime. Samir Zahir was removed from his post as president of the Egyptian Football Association, and he rushed to FIFA to complain. The public prosecutor issued his oft-repeated demand for prompt investigations -  which have yet to come to light, and never will, as has happened with many other battles, most significantly those of Maspero, Muhammad Mahmoud Street, the Parliament, and the Institute of Egypt. Raising their grievances, everyone took to the streets and squares around the country, reaching the Ministries’ quarter [the area around the Parliament, and Ministry of Interior] where rage, hatred, and vengeance were set aflame.


The truth is that the people have become embittered, sorrowed, and depressed by what is taking place on the ground because the people haven’t found a one single official serving his duty to the nation or protecting it - as patriotism instructs and teaches. Instead, they all put their energy into pleasing others, paying compliments, and exchanging favors. This approach is a dead-end, and seems so backwards to the technologically savvy generation with its new knowledge.


An example of this depressing status quo is the fact that the fallen president, alongside others in custody, is blessed with tight security and immense luxury, has millions spent on his medical treatment and the securing of his comfort. My God! And meanwhile the simple general populace is only blessed with killing, butchery, and lack of protection. We live off the discards of the residents of Tura’s five-star international mall!


As for the theatrical show-trials that are so bad they couldn’t even earn theatrical credentials, or even permission from the censors to perform, I laughed heartily when the lawyer of “the fallen” [Hosni Mubarak] compared him to our noble Prophet ; meanwhile, the reverent judge stood by and simply listened to him – may God forgive me for even saying something so blasphemous! Has the belittlement of Egyptian minds reached this level? Is this what a nation is? Is this how we deal with corrupt officials? I screamed and yelled, but of course I was thinking wishfully, for if the head of the family is corrupt, what should we expect the rest of the family to be like? 

The armed thefts, curses and slander by security personnel, physical violations in broad daylight, the rising price of basic goods now made expensive for the impoverished citizens – who is behind this?  We know, yet we don’t know? Even the blood of the martyrs hasn’t been left untouched by the ministers and their deputies, who auction it off - the winner applauded by all. This is a media show par-excellence, with everyone meanwhile forgetting that the martyrs are now with their God who is the only one providing for them.


I tell everyone that this heinous case will pass like others have. We won’t hear anything about it other than the heartbreak of the mothers of 74 martyrs killed before the eyes of security forces and 80 million Egyptian citizens. We didn’t budge to protect them from the filthy hands that assaulted them without mercy or humanity.


We have intimated who the killer was, and we all know who the instigator was. Wrong doers hide behind their shame. Will we hasten to hold them responsible? Or will we forever follow the ways of the former regime?


For the mothers who have seen the loves of their lives depart to heaven, it’s impossible that their hearts might find peace, not when their lost children hadn’t even reached 15 years of age, and not when their only crime was their love of sports.


Abdel Raouf Rabie is a writer and film producer.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

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